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Wollombi, Australia · 8 items


My thirty page e-book offers you the astrological inside running on early 2018's game changing eclipse season, giving you the heads up on key times and dates as well as the energies at play. It includes the forces and factors that have set the scene for this lunar trifecta eclipse in Leo and the shimming new moon eclipse in Aquaria, a guide to the space between the two, together with rituals and self care practices that can aid us in harnessing the peculiar magic on offer.

Written in my usual style, with more than a dash of humour, this guide is designed to inform and delight. We are all on the eclipse rollercoaster so we may as well know how she is built and how we can align ourselves to her mighty force.

Priced originally at $10, I have made her Pay What You Want so everyone can get their hands on a copy. If you can pay, please consider supporting my work and if you cannot, I am happy to gift her to you in your time of need. I hope you enjoy this labour of love dedicated to the peculiar magic of Lady Eclipse.

Kerrie xo

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